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Performer Liability

Arena's Performer Liability is a public liability insurance policy designed to cover performers & entertainers who are booked to turn up and perform and earn less than $250,000 income per annum.

Performer Liability can cover:

  • Soloist entertainers & musicians
  • Musicians and Performers
  • Children’s entertainers such as clowns, puppeteers, face-painters, costume characters
  • Street theatre performers (including use of fire)
  • Magicians
  • Performing groups (acrobats, dance groups etc)
  • Mobile DJ’s and mobile karaoke operators
  • Spruikers & MC’s
  • Musical Instrument & Singing Teachers
  • Actors (Excluding Named Performers)
  • Presenters of Workshops providing they DO NOT INCLUDE any of the excluded activities.

Note that if you hire venues to put on an event you do not qualify for Performer Liability.

Please refer to Small Event Liability policy for event organisers.

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